What exactly is a Life Coach?

I’ve wondered this too. What is a life coach? Honestly, I’ve been skeptical throughout the years. As someone who has partaken in therapy for many years, to me life coaching seemed…yes…I’ll just say it…cheesy.

And yet here I am. A life coach and spiritual director. First of all, this just goes to show you. Never say never, am I right? Ha!

And as it turns out, the more I’ve learned and leaned into the power of life coaching, the more I realize its benefits. I have my own life coach and spiritual director. And my self-awareness and joy has deepened in a very short time. (thank you, Bev Gaines!) I can’t believe I’m 53 years old and still have so much growing to do! It’s invigorating and inspiring. And I think my “people” (as in my kids and spouse and loved ones) will be happier because of this growth, too.

And, as I’ve made this venture into Walk and Talk Coaching, it seems I’ve actually been a life coach all along. Throughout all my years of ministry, encouraging people to work through life’s challenges, seek joy and live intentionally….that’s life coaching. We are granted this one, precious, wild life. How are we going to live it?

So what is a coach? A coach is:

  • A collaborative thinking partner in achieving goals and brainstorming; let me hear your ideas and dreams and let me support you!

  • A confidential sounding board; I want to have open and honest conversations and most importantly have this walk and talk be a safe space for you.

  • A motivational mentor; I want to help you gain more confidence, help solve issues, and ultimately have more fun!

  • One who gives unconditional support; whether you need help moving forward, or are on a good path I will always be there to listen.

  • A non-judgmental, keen and caring listener; things can be tough, tell me your fears, concerns, or frustrations, this will help me help you.

  • A co-designer to help you create a more productive, joyful life; I want to help you grow professionally or personally.

  • A beacon during stormy times; when life inevitability gets you down, let's work through the stress together and find clarity.

Friends…your life is your one, precious life. Your story is your powerful story. I’d love to hear it as we walk and talk on your way to transformation, awareness and more joyful living.

Until we meet... or meet again... ❤️❤️❤️


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