Updated: Jan 25

No matter how often I tell myself (and others, for that matter…) that change is good, it’s inevitable, and that there’s something new to be learned or created or discovered, it’s also so hard. Because transitions mean moving into the unknown.

This old bridge is so cool…sturdy and strong above the river below. Mesmerizing. I could have stayed here forever. Except we weren’t there yet. The path continued. And even though it didn’t look like much, I knew the path across was headed somewhere spectacular. That’s how I feel right now during this big life transition of resigning from my amazing job to launch this long-time dream of Walk and Talk coaching.

At times my heart and my mind are filled with such anxious thoughts! I have this running commentary of “Uh oh! Oh no! Really? Can I? Should I?” Does that ever happen to you? What is your running commentary? Do you know?

Along with my regular walk and talks, there is something magical that has helped me so much through this transition. To breathe…. pause… breathe… and breathe again. Before I power ahead into the next thing of the minute or day, or continue on auto pilot, unaware… A moment, a breath, a pause to check with myself is gift, like a little time-out…they’re not just for kids after all! :) This time to acknowledge the thoughts, feel the feels then allows them pass. And I can move forward with calm and clarity...until that’s time to pause and breathe again.

What transitions are you going through? And what gives you calm? I’d love to hear from you!

Peace, and keep breathing…❤️ Molly

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