Transformation doesn't happen overnight

Hello from Capitol Lake! Part of the 5 mile route Cheri Keller and I have been walking for 10 plus years now. There have been A LOT of conversations...about life, death and everything in we walk along that path. Over these past 10 years, we have both grown, evolved and transformed so much. And these changes sure haven't happened overnight! This path of transformation, as slow as it is, brings such joy and satisfaction. It inspires and fuels me to keep learning and growing, together, apart.

So...we walk by this house on Capitol Blvd that is experiencing a TOTAL TRANSFORMATION. This too, has not happened overnight. The owners are doing it mostly themselves, and there are a few things I've learned about transformation watching their process.

Here goes...Transformation:

  1. It takes INTENTION. These people show up. No doubt they have day jobs, but they are committed to doing the work, putting in the time with creativity and effort. They had a plan, a goal, and they're working toward it. And no doubt their plans have changed along the way. You know all projects are full of surprises, right? Hence, the art of flexibility...a wonderful practice. Speaking of practice...

  2. It takes PRACTICE. Researching about something, exploring something, knowing about something, all of this is good stuff. But putting it in to practice is how transformation actually happens. Giving it a try. Taking a risk. Practicing. (Check out this great podcast by Brene' Brown

  3. It takes PERSISTENCE. Not necessarily "nose to the grindstone." But persistence, slow and steady. Focus of attention on the project at hand. And of course, vacations along the way are allowed, even necessary. :) Sometimes there has been no visible action happening at the house. But then, soon enough they were back at it.

  4. It takes DELIGHT ALONG THE WAY. A highlight of our walk is when we see the owners out working, get an update about the progress, and hear their delight in what has been accomplished. And we celebrate with them. Moments of joy along the way to transformation. Because after all...whether it be a house or our own selves...we're never done, right?

5. It takes a big dose of COMPASSION. Naturally, mistakes will be made along the way. Self-compassion is imperative...up, down and all around. Showers of grace for self and others...As hard as it is to remember, give it a try!

Today we saw the latest sign of transformation. FLOWERS! And we were delighted. Not only for them, but for the joy it brought to us. Transformation has a ripple effect.

So, you get what I'm saying here, right? For us as people, the road to transformation doesn't happen overnight. But with intention, practice, persistence and celebration, we do, will and are changed. This impacts our own joy and has a splendid ripple effect on those around us. And though we never "arrive," we do expand and live with a greater sense of freedom and peace.

So what are you working on right now? How are you growing and transforming? Where are you challenged? What are you celebrating? Know I'm cheering you on, encouraging you, and here for you with new tools for your tool box when you're ready for them.

Peace and Light and all good things...


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