Seagulls, Sailboats and Solace

Today provided a moment. And I seized it. It was a small moment, but what solace it brought. For the past three weeks we've been in transition mode, big time! My brother and me, and our awesome spouses have been clearing out and cleaning out!

Let me back up. In October our dad died, 3 years and 10 months after our mom. At peace and together at last. And...along with all the emotions that happen when someone dies, there is also the stuff...the details. (I know many have you have gone through this, too) And for us, there was the house. Full of literal stuff. Stuff of two lifetimes and more...

We put things on hold through the winter, and then in early May, movement. Perfect renters appeared! And we moved into action. Clear out and clean up. (and all the feelings that come with this, too) A whirlwind ensued.

There was stuff, like multiple sets of Tupperware, without lids. Ha! And there were also treasures found, stories shared, communication and beautiful conversations. And along with the tears, laughter and wonder too.

Which brings us to May 31. The last detail of getting the carpets cleaned. I met him at 8 am, and after getting him into the house and started, I wondered what to do for the next two hours. Xifinity? The bank? Sweep the patio?

Before moving into my usual action mode, I took a moment to check in with my whole self. Breathe, and settle in...settle down. And the gift of solace entered in... There was this moment, to take a moment. So I seized it. Leaned in, as we say. Down to the beach I went.

Fresh air, low tide, seagulls, sailboats, sea creatures all there to keep me good company. And to offer comfort and solace and grounding in this moment of transition.

**can you see Mt. Rainier? She's there, if ever so faint. :) ***

As I headed back to the house, I had this overwhelming feeling of gratitude and hope. Gratitude for my parents, for my family (and dear friends) and how we worked together, for fresh air and moments. And hope, as this home was on the cusp of being filled with new life. What joy! And even a baby! :) Oh how my mom would/is loving this!!

The house is ready. So ready. Waiting to welcome her new family.

And I'm ready, too. Taking a moment, a breath, a time out to mark this transition and acknowledge all the change. All that has been, all that is, and all that will be. What a gift.

Life is full. Finding the moments, and seizing them for your own solace and comfort is so important. Maybe for you instead of seagulls and sailboats, it is snapdragons and snails, or sunbeams and schnauzers, or? What moments have you found lately? What helps you in transition? What brings you solace? Comment below and share your story and pictures. I'd love to hear from you.

Peace, solace and love!


p.s. You don't have to go it alone. Reach out now for a free consultation call and explore if Deep Life Coaching is for you. Seize the moment. :) Learning to quiet our busy minds and connect to our whole selves (body and heart) provides such amazing transformation and joy.

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