Life in the PNW

Sunday was a typical Washington January day…cloudy, steady mist with the weather app saying 100% chance of rain. All day. Really? Yes. 100% rain all day. I was so cozy inside, and that’s exactly where I wanted to stay.

But I had been sitting in the same spot for way too long. It seemed like HOURS….on my device. Ok, on my devices.

You know what I mean? You know how that happens? When that quick ten-minute check on the computer turns into two hours. Or when one episode turns into five?

When I finally looked up, I realized it was time to move. My butt literally hurt from sitting along with legs, hips, and shoulders too.

I’ve realized living in the PNW is all about having the right gear. And no…this does not require a trip to REI. All you need is a rain jacket (with layers underneath), a hat (and umbrella is totally acceptable. I know you’d like to debate this, but we transplants from out of state say umbrellas are perfectly legit!) and some good boots. And I promise, once you get out that door you WILL FEEL BETTER! Breathing in the fresh crisp air, the scent of the pines will invigorate your senses. And moving your body will feel ten times better than your couch. I guarantee it.

For the record, Benny the lazy dog was not so sure about a Sunday walk either. But I put on his thunder shirt for warmth and made him come with me. By the time we got to the end of the driveway he was all in. Even he felt better getting outside!

And for the record, it didn’t even rain. I felt hot inside all my layers! You see, if we let the weather app dictate our actions and keep us from going outside, we’d never leave home. So get on your gear and join me for Walk and Talk, rain or shine! I promise, you will feel better.

What’s your favorite go-to gear for winter walking? Or what might you need to make it more comfortable? I love hearing from you, so email me at to get in touch.

In peace…and keep breathing.

❤️ Molly

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