Blue Track Suits

To me, it was a big event. Public. The whole family would be there and be on "display". After 13 years of service, my spouse Doug, was retiring. And his awesome congregation was throwing a big BBQ and program to say farewell and thank you....And our fantastic college kids came home for the festivities. So awesome, right? RIGHT!

And then...they informed me of their intent. They were going to wear their matching blue Adidas track suits to the BBQ. My two kids, and they're two cousins. Matching head to toe, Adidas blue track suits with white tanks underneath. "Ughhh. Seriously. Why?" Those were my thoughts. "Can't they just dial it down? Be presentable. In good form, normal and just show up low key? Fall in line...Please? For me?" But no...

Track suits it was.

Ok, so here's what I want to talk about:

Moving from a place of CONSTRICTION to EXPANSION. A much happier way.

When I heard of their "delightful" plan for the track suits, I literally felt my reaction. "Ughhh. Please don't!" ( Which I confess is realize I actually feel something and have thoughts around it...a constriction...:)

So with that knowing, I interrupted my usual impulse to react, to say, "come on...just please don't!...just blend in...toe the it for me. Could you at least comb your hair?" or something like that.

Instead, I took a time out, to check in with myself, to breathe, to ground myself and to release.

And I coached myself: "It's ok, Molly. You are ok. They feel good. This is fun for them and hurts absolutely no one. It's not that big of a deal. What fun." And so on...

I don't even remember the exact thoughts. More importantly, most importantly, it was just a moment to REALIZE. To see and feel and acknowledge my STATE OF CONSTRICTION. Tightness and tension. And take a moment, with release and relax. To MOVE INTO EXPANSION. Step back and let go.

You guys!...we all had so much fun. Look at this love and joy! It was a beautiful celebration of Doug. And our kids were free to BE! To show up and be them selves and to be accepted and loved.

Love, love and love....

I almost squelched that love. That joy. That freedom. With my subconscious, unprocessed "Judge".


You know what I mean? We want so much for our children! Always with good intention, but sometimes with misguided and subconscious agendas...My words, my directives, my body language. They send subtle messages of: "You are not enough. You are wrong. Show up how I want you to show up...."

But this time. (...Yay for this time!..let's celebrate!) I interrupted my own CONSTRICTION. I noticed it. I took some time with it. And asked it what it had to teach me, to tell me...I got curious. And the result? I was able to release, to step back and move into EXPANSION. And the next result?

Pure joy and fun. And good, honest memories of a beautiful evening.

I got my own s _ _ t (a.k.a. poop) together, tapped into and released my own stuff, which in turn, didn't impose and overflow on to my most beloveds.


This isn't and doesn't seem like something momentous. But then again it is.

Even the smallest changes we make have the biggest effects. here's what happened next. I was standing in the narthex (the entry way of the church) chatting with an 8th and 10th grader and their parents. They asked, "Where are your kids..." I pointed to my crew and said flippantly, "Over there...thinking they are cool in their blue track suits."

You know what they said?

"They are cool. That's awesome."

The moral of the story. I'm getting me a blue track suit. Ha. For reals...maybe then I'll be cool. :)

But seriously...the moral of the story is in so many little ways. In so many small moments of life and relationship we can find our selves wound up...CONSTRICTED. And in simply stepping back, acknowledging and allows for so much EXPANSIVENESS.

Which is joy.

And that, my what life is all about.

May happy, joyful, expansive living be yours...

Peace and Light,


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