Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks for your interest in Walk and Talk coaching. I'm excited to be able to offer an alternative to in-office therapy! Some things you might be wondering:

Why Walk and Talk Coaching?

​There are many reasons to choose Walk and Talk coaching. Maybe life changes due to Covid-19 have gotten you down. Maybe you sit at your desk all day and want to get your movement and coaching in at the same time. Maybe you need motivation and accountability to move a little bit more, or you don’t like the idea of traditional therapy. Perhaps you’re looking for a way to get “unstuck” and are ready to try something new.  Whatever the reason, Walk and Talk coaching is here for you. It’ll get you outside and infuse your whole body with new air and new life.  Movement coaching enables a mind-body connection which leads to clarity and self-discovery.


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Who is right for Walk and Talk coaching? 

Anyone and everyone! Individuals, couples, teens, you name it. If you think Walk and Talk coaching can help you on your path to more joyful living, I would love to connect and explore how we can best work together.

Where do Walk and Talk sessions take place? 

Sessions take place in Olympia, either Swan Town, Priest Point Park, or in a location we pre-arrange. Virtual meetings via Zoom are also a great option. We'll talk about a specific meeting place at the time you make your appointment.


What about the weather? It’s the PNW after all... 


It’s all about the right gear.  Wear a comfortable, waterproof pair of shoes, a rain coat and hat, bring an umbrella, and if you are up for it, so am I!  Rain or shine, we’ll get our move on and Walk and Talk.  

However, it is the PNW, and if the weather is insurmountable, we will meet via zoom, or at my home office in Ken Lake, which has the option of walking and talking on side by side treadmills, or regular coaching in comfy chairs. The choice is yours. 

Should I expect a workout?

Not necessarily. Our primary goal is mindset coaching, not fitness training. We’ll walk at a a pace that is comfortable for you.  However, if you prefer to incorporate more physical aspects during our time together, we can certainly discuss different options. 


Is outdoor coaching confidential?


I will always keep our conversations confidential. It is my professional oath. There is a chance people will overhear us talking. You might run into someone you know, or I might run into someone I know.  I guarantee I will not acknowledge or stop to talk to other people along our route. You are my main priority and focus. That being said, we will be mindful of our surroundings and volume to keep sensitive conversations confidential.


Can you accommodate my physical injury or disability?

Yes!  I want "off the couch" / "outdoor coaching" to be available to anyone who wants it. We can choose locations that allow for wheelchairs and walkers, and/or we can sit on a bench outside if you're injured or not up for walking. But please do make sure to clear this activity with your doctor before we begin. 

What about Social Distancing and Covid-19?

Counselors, therapists, and coaches are considered essential workers and are allowed to practice under current state restrictions. The beauty of Walk and Talk coaching is that we are out in the fresh air.  Masks can be worn, and we will stay the recommended 6 feet apart. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home and stay healthy. We also have the option to FaceTime Walk and Talk from our own locations. This really does work! 

What if I just want to Talk? And sit, not Walk...

Sometimes we just need to Sit. And Talk. That is perfectly ok. I am happy to do coaching anytime via zoom or at my home office...your choice. I'm also available for couples counseling and/or pre-marriage counseling.

What is the pricing structure? Do I have to make a long term commitment?


​Please use the contact information below to schedule a free intro call, or to learn about the Walk and Talk pricing structure. No long term financial commitments are required to begin coaching. Each person is different, has varying needs, and availability. Coaching is done at your own pace. I am passionate about creating long term healthy living, whether that is accomplished in one session or in ten!

If you have additional questions about Walk and Talk coaching, virtual sessions, or guided Circles,
please contact me at 360-339-3665 or