Connect. Communicate. Deepen Joy.

Circles with Molly establish a roadmap to inner wisdom, offer a community of support and connection, and promote self-awareness by adding tools to your tool box

A group approach to coaching

Circles are coaching sessions focused on a specified topic in a collaborative environment, hosted in a series of weekly facilitated sessions. This group setting offers a unique opportunity to share knowledge, network, and develop interpersonal skills while gaining tolls and insights used to foster more joyful living.

Creating a community of support and learning


Meet over Zoom in a series of 6 guided sessions


Utilize tools and enjoy and increased sense of clarity

We begin each Circle series with introductions and set ground rules to create a safe space for everyone. Each weekly guided session will center around a specific topic or subject, fostering insightful facilitated discussions. Field work and/or exercises will be given at the conclusion of each Circle to help you practice with newly learned tools. The next week, we will review the results and dive back in together! 

Circle Topics



Life Transitions


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