Frequently Asked Questions

I am excited to be able to offer coaching in a group setting! Please see below for answers to some common Circle questions.

What are Circles?


Coaching circles are groups formed around specific life topics. They are an intentional way to learn and gain self-awareness, gather new tools, and connect with new people. I am an experienced facilitator who is focused on creating a safe environment for individuals to explore the subject at hand. Circles meet virtually once a week for six weeks. Each session is 90 minutes. 

Why Circles?


Meeting together provides an opportunity to learn in a more social setting, with exposure to numerous perspectives and ideas through collaborative, guided discussions. A unique connection is created when meeting with the same Circle on a weekly basis. My goal is to help you build new tools and expand your network of support at the same time! 

Where do Circles take place?


All meetings take place virtually over Zoom, making them a convenient option that fit easily into busy schedules.

Who should participate in Circles?


YOU! If you're feeling unsettled, stuck, curious, or are simply looking for a valuable new adventure, a Circle with Molly is for you.


Sounds great! How much?


Circles are a package price and the hope is that you will be able to be present for all scheduled sessions. Coaching is about accountability, so your presence during each session is important. However, I realize that life... happens. And that's okay. We may be able to pick back up after one missed session, but if your calendar conflicts with too many sessions, perhaps this isn't the right time for you. Don't worry, there will be other opportunities!

If you have additional questions about Walk and Talk coaching, virtual sessions, or Circles,
please contact me at 360-339-3665 or