Frequently Asked Questions

Why Couples Coaching with Molly?


I have over 25 years of experience working with couples in all sorts of different life situations.  My goal is to create a safe space for communication, conversation (yes, sometimes hard ones..), and to bring a combination of sacredness and levity to sessions.  I want you as an individual and you, as a couple, to live with the most joy and intention as possible. 

When is the "right" time to seek Couples Coaching?


Sooner rather than later! Many couples seek coaching or counseling when things have begin to feel like a crisis or have become unbearable. However, entering into Couples Coaching BEFORE things become overwhelming can be just what a couple needs to continue growing together. That’s where the “tune up” and “tune in” expression comes from…Life has all sorts of twists and turns. Check-ins along the way with a trusted, confidential coach can keep your relationship aligned and fueled with joy.

When is the difference between Couples Coaching and Couples Counseling?


Coaching focuses on the present and future. It helps people add tools to their tool box and practical solutions that forward growth, transformation, and joy through a proactive approach. Coaches are not licensed therapists or counselors.  Training varies greatly among coaches.  My advice is that you seek someone who is trustworthy and educated in the area you are hoping to grow in. 


Counseling and therapy focus on past traumas, influences, and experiences that affect the here and now. Counseling and therapy are incredibly helpful for individuals and couples with significant issues such as abuse, infidelity, serious mental health issues, etc. Counselors and therapists have an incredible depth of education and licensing. 


Both coaching and counseling can be immensely helpful for people. If counseling or therapy seem to be the best route for you and your partner, I have a vast referral list of therapists and counselors I can connect you with. If coaching with me sounds helpful, let's connect!

Where do Couples Coaching sessions take place? 


Sessions take place virtually for clients all over the world, and in-person at my home office in Olympia, WA for local clients. Both options are equally effective and can be utilized to suit each couple's needs and preferences.


Is Couple's Coaching confidential?


I will always keep our conversations confidential. It is my professional oath. 

How many sessions make coaching "worth it"?


I’d love to say one and done.  And yet, tapping into our own hearts and minds takes time. Then, add another person and life together? This takes more time. Most couples meet for 8-12 sessions. First, we will talk about what works best for you as a couple…Prepare and Enrich?  Enneagram?  Both? Or discuss tackling an issue you continue to be stuck on. Although I don’t “require” anything, in order to make Couples Coaching worth your time and money, it will take a time commitment to really feel the impact of the work and growth you are doing.  And remember, all of this is about deepening joy and easing life. You and your relationship are worth the investment. 

What about Social Distancing and Covid-19?

Counselors, therapists, and coaches are considered essential workers and are allowed to practice under current state restrictions. Masks can be worn, and we will stay the recommended 6 feet apart. However, if you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, please stay home and stay healthy. On-line Zoom is incredibly effective, so I offer this as not only a “Covid” option but as an on-going way for us to meet.

What is the pricing structure? Do I have to make a long term commitment?

Pricing information can be found using this link.  Every couple is different, has varying needs, and availability. Coaching is done at a pace we commit to together. The tools you learn can be implemented and practiced in between sessions by you two as a couple. 

If you have additional questions about Walk & Talk Coaching,
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