Meet the Walk Talk Coach

Hi! I'm Molly, your guide.


I’ve spent the last 23 years helping people find their own answers to life’s big questions.

As an ordained clergy person in the Lutheran Church, I’ve worked with people through a variety of circumstances including marriage, divorce, parenting, job changes, illness, health challenges, death, and grief. I bring an open mind and listening ear as I accompany people through painful times and help them find their way toward inner peace. 



I support people who feel disconnected, stuck, and overwhelmed, to make their own well being a priority.


I grew up as an active, playful kid, but when the juggle of career, kids, and “adulting” evolved, I put my own health and well-being on the back burner. When my daughter started kindergarten, I met a great friend who started walking and talking with me on a regular basis. That was 15 years ago.

Since then, I’ve walked and talked regularly with a trusted confidant through life changes. My children are in college, I work full-time, my mom died unexpectedly, my 25 year marriage has weathered both storms and sunshine. Walking and talking has kept me grounded and consistently inspires fresh insights as I try my best to be intentional in my own relationships and life.


My mission is for more people like you to live with joy through this simple, powerful, and life changing experience of Walk and Talk.

A confidential, open-minded listener creates amazing fuel for your joyful, intentional living.


Sometimes it's hard to see outside the box, but there is always another way! I am loving, empathetic, and accepting of all people. No judgement here. And as we get to know each other, you will find I don’t shy away from being direct and straightforward. More than a cheerleader or friend, I am here for your whole health, well-being and growth.

I’m excited to see where this walk takes you. 


Approach & Expertise

Excellent Listener  |  Confidential  |  Direct Coaching  |  LGBTQ+ ally

Education & Experience

Certified Life Coach; Certified Life Coach Institute, Costa Mesa, CA

Parish Pastor, Olympia; College Campus Pastor, SDSU San Diego

Prison Chaplain, San Franciso; Hospital CPE, UCSF, San Francisco

MDIV (Master's of Divinity), 1996 - Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary, Berkeley, CA
B.A., Liberal Arts, 1990 - California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA

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