Simple. Powerful. Life Changing.

Get a fresh perspective on life's challenges with mind-body movement and trusted, confidential support through 60-minute Walk and Talks, virtual coaching, or guided Circles


Walk and Talk from worry to joy

With consistent and confidential support each step of the way, you'll calm running thoughts into a grounded, mindful way of living. 


Identify core issues that block your joy and move forward with healthy coping strategies.


Breakthrough worry, set realistic expectations, and let go of what's outside your control.


Through deep questions and creative problem solving, find meaning in life's challenges.

A safe space to share what's really going on

Anxiety, unsettled feeling


Sense of depression


Feeling stuck, paralyzed

Lack of self-confidence

Covid blues and angst





Fear of Failure

Loss of a loved one


Caring for aging parents



Career change or issues

Life has twists and turns.


Does it feel like life has been happening to you without even considering your input?


Maybe there is strain on your marriage. Unexpected illnesses. Financial stress. Racing thoughts about work disrupting family time. Everyone’s needs seem to come before your own with little or no time left for what brings you joy. You’ve been trying to be everything for everyone, but it’s not working for you anymore.


You know there’s a better way, but it’s hard to see the path ahead. 


Coaching with Molly supports you through life's challenging terrains.


Get fresh perspective with intentional time just for you. With a trusted guide by your side, you can discover and process what’s really going on in your mind and heart.


Move mindfully through challenges and changes in a safe, compassionate space. Release stress and gain awareness through Walk and Talk, virtual coaching, or guided Circles.

Live a life that you created with joy and intention.


You'll feel grounded and centered in the midst of all the roles you play. Your presence will be a gift to those around you.


You are so worth the investment in yourself.

Whether through walking and talking, virtual coaching, or gathering in a guided Circle, Coaching with Molly is a sacred space that helps refuel your body, center your mind, and reinvigorate your days.


Want to see if Coaching with Molly is right for you?

Take the first step towards clarity, schedule a free 20-minute intro call.

“When you talk to Molly it's like she is holding your heart in her hands. She asks questions that are gentle, insightful, and deep. She helped me look at a hard situation in a fresh way, and after talking to her I was renewed."
- Paula B. 

"Molly has been along side me during many of the challenges I have faced in the past several years. Throughout these times she has remained a constant beacon of love, compassion and unwavering support. When you meet her, you instantly feel as if you have known her for years. She is incredibly genuine and cares about everybody, which makes opening up to her feel so effortless. I know I can always turn to her in times of both joy and sadness. She is such a special person."

- Holly 

"Molly is a great coach, and a great listener.  Her questions and perceptive feedback have helped me clarify what is working and what needs change in my life."

- Cheri

"As a pastor colleague, I can attest to how genuinely Molly cares for people.  She’s a supportive listener and has creative incite and understanding about the challenges of life.  Her natural warmth, loving attention, and encouraging words have inspired many—including me."

- Melody

Walk and Talk sessions are available in-person or online via Zoom